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“Sue Jordan is quite simply, one of the world’s leading home sharing experts. Not only has she taught countless people how to profit in the sharing economy, she’s even taught me how to improve my own short term rental business! If you want the straight scoop from someone who knows what she’s talking about, this book is a must read.”  

Brian Page, Creator and Founder of The BNB Formula


About Ready, Set, Host It!

READY: In Part One of this book, you will discover if you have what it takes to host a short-term rental (STR). Covering everything from choosing your property to choosing a platform and making sure your STR will be profitable.

SET: Now that you have done your research and found a property, it’s time to get started. As we work through Part Two, the set-up section of the book, we will cover everything you need for the perfect set-up from the start.

HOST IT! Congratulations, you are now ready to host it! Once those bookings start rolling in there are a few things you will need to know about interacting with your guests. Part Three of this book will help you along the hosting journey to ensure you enjoy the ride.

About the author

Hi, I’m Sue. I am excited that you have chosen Ready, Set, Host It! to help you begin hosting your own short-term rental (STR). After reading this book, you will be armed with the skills and information you need to hit the ground running. No matter the type of property you have, or the platform you choose to advertise on, my tips and tricks will prepare you for the hosting journey.

So, how did it all start? I spent thirty years as a sales rep, but my dream was always to own a beach house. When I met my husband Mark, a builder, and we began to get involved in property, my dream got that little bit closer. While renovating a property we had bought in Coolum (a large house divided into  separate dwellings, some may know this as adding and axillary dwelling to a home), on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I was frustrated that we weren’t making any income from the completed axillary dwelling because we needed to stay there on weekends while renovating. In comes Airbnb (or the STR strategy). Knowing nothing about STR I thought I would “give it a go”. After months of getting knocked down and getting back up, learning so much about hosting along the way I earned Superhost status across both my own and my clients Airbnbs (including my tiny one-bed under-house granny flat — no easy task).

Sue Jordan author of short term rental book for airbnb hosts

From my experience listening to guests wants and needs, and years of being a sales rep: understanding communication with customers, I have learned it is the little things and the smallest attention to detail that will get you over the line to those 5-star reviews. Each of my properties as we renovate to the strategy of making them STR’s is unique, but my pride and joy is still my dream beach house. I have positioned it as a beach escape for a couple and their dogs and have hosted many amazing guests from all over Australia and the world. Mark and I, plus our dogs, Chillie and Jack, enjoy the beach house whenever we can, and in the meantime know that our wonderful STR guests are taking care of it for

Everything shared in this book has come from something I learned along the way. Every tip has been enjoyed in my weekly “Tip Tuesdays” posts. These posts became so popular I was asked multiple times to write a book. So here it is: Ready, Set, Host it! The Ultimate Guide to Setting up your Short-Term Rental. In honour of the origins of this book you will see quotes and copies of the Tip Tuesdays in each chapter.

The STR industry is constantly evolving — from council rules to platform developments. I now consult and educate/mentor many people worldwide to help them keep up with the changes and set up successful STRs. Training hosts to host, as well as continuing to host my own holiday homes.

Enjoy and happy hosting!

Sue Jordan

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  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert
  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert
  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert
  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert
  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert
  • Sue Jordan Airbnb HomeAway hosting expert

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